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Thursday thru Saturday, 4pm - 9pm

Catering & Bulk Orders
Catering Price List

Prices are per plate unless otherwise specified.

Includes: Dinner Roll w/butter and Dessert. BBQ Sauces are available upon request.

Meat Choices: Pulled Pork, BBQ Smoked Meatloaf, Chicken Breast, Sloppy Joe

Brisket or 1/2 Rack of Baby Back Ribs $1.00 additional per plate.

Dinner Salad: $1.00 additional per plate.

Dressings: Ranch, Italian, Honey Mustard, French

Side Dishes: Green Beans, BBQ Smoked Baked Beans, Corn, Oven Round Potatoes, Smashed Potatoes, Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese, Spicy Mac & Cheese, Fried Apples, Sweet Potato Mash

Desserts: Cobbler (Fall Hollow, Chocolate, Apple, Blueberry, Tropical, Apple Spice)

Drinks: Unsweetened Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Lemonade (Ice Included)

Paper good and ice are available at no additional charge upon request. $20.00 delivery fee. 20% gratuity added to all full service catering. Prices subject to change.

50% deposit on all catering events.

1 Meat 2 Sides
$ 14.95
2 Meats 2 Sides
$ 18.95
3 Meats 2 Sides
$ 22.95
Bulk/Cater Price List

Pick up or delivery. Delivery charge based on mileage.

2 Week notice on all large catering orders.

50% deposit on all large orders.

per pound 
$ 12.00
per pound 
Pulled Pork
$ 9.00
per loaf 
BBQ Smoked Meatloaf
$ 16.00
per slab 
Baby Back Ribs
$ 26.00
per quart 
$ 7.00

1 Quart Serves 8 People. 4 ounce servings.

Spicy Mac & Cheese, Mac & Cheese, BBQ Smoked Baked Beans, Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Smashed Potatoes, Fried Apples, Sweet Potato Mash, Oven Round Potatoes, Corn

per pan 
$ 12.00

1 Pan Serves 8 people.

Fall Hollow, Chocolate, Apple, Apple Spice & Tropical